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What Drives Us

Today we are celebrating the many patients of OIC! From Ana and Isabella to Khedhar and Kosta. By supporting the 2020 Swing for Kids Golf Classic, you help ensure our ability to provide this amazing service as we grow that number year over year. Here are a few patients who’d like to share their experiences with you.


Charlie’s Story

Mostly, I feel like nothing can stop me. I mean, when I want something I go after it. I work hard, and I play hard, too. But being hit by a car isn’t something you can control. Luckily, when that happened to me, my dad was nearby. He carried me in his arms to the ER, only a few blocks away. It seemed like forever. I don’t remember much else about that day, but I do remember getting better. My physical therapists were awesome. Soon I was able to stand, then walk, and now I’m back to running. And I can run even faster than before.


Adelle’s Story

It was just a Saturday soccer match. My opponent was racing at me fast, and we hit, hard. Then, everything happened so fast. It was like I blinked, and my dad had me at the emergency room, and I blinked again, and a doctor was there, already helping me. He said he had come from his own child’s soccer game. Soon I had my cast on – I picked black, because it’s a serious color and I was serious about getting better fast. My dad told me this kind of fracture once ended athletic careers, but no longer. That made me feel better. I was glad medicine had changed and I would heal. I wanted to get back to my team. I knew it would happen soon, because my doctor and his team were behind me, 100%.


The Story on Tarra’

I just like to do what makes me happy. I like getting As on my report cards. I like the feeling when I’m wearing my gymnastics medals. And I like making my mothers proud. We’re a close family, and celebrate every victory together. When I hurt my knee and didn’t know if I could ever do gymnastics again, we sat down to make my medical care decision together. When my doctor saw how scared I was, she told me she had once been a gymnast like me. She promised that after I was back at gymnastics, we would go out and turn cartwheels together and celebrate.


Khedar’s Story

I was 15 years old when I suffered a knee injury on the basketball court. My mother took me to a local emergency department in the Valley where I was X-rayed and told I needed a cast. Because of my health insurance plan, I was turned away – told to go to OIC. Thanks to OIC’s expertise, I was quickly diagnosed with a far more serious condition – a rare injury that could have cost me the limb, possibly my life. Within hours of diagnosis, I had emergency surgery for Compartment Syndrome. OIC saved my leg, and preserved my passion for playing my favorite sport.

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All these kids have depended on the expert fracture care provided at OIC. Their lives, and their futures have been molded and changed, for good, because of OIC. By supporting the OIC Swing for Kids Golf Classic, hundreds of more children’s lives will be impacted thanks to your generosity.

Our Mission

The mission of Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), is to provide care to children with musculoskeletal disorders and to advance care worldwide through medical education and scientific research.


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